1-150 MHz 100W Power Amplifier

Model: PAM1150-G45P50
PAM1150-G45P50 Power Amplifier
50 Ohm 50dBm/100 W SMA-Female Power Amplifier From 1-150 MHz Rated at Gain 45dB
1-150 MHz, SMA-Female Power Amplifier;
Ultra Broadband, Multi-Octave;
Gain: 45dB;  Output Power: 50dBm/100 W;
Operating Temperature: -30 to +55℃.

Frequency Range | MHz : 1-150
Impedance | Ω : 50
Input Power | dBm Max. : 8
Gain | dB Min. : 45
Gain Fla. | dB Max. : ±1.5
Output Power | dBm Min. : 50@Psat/100 W
Input VSWR | Max. : 2.5
OIP3 | dBm Min. : /@/
Power Supply | V/A Type. : 28/9
Freq. Max : 400MHz


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