0.915-0.917 GHz Band Pass Filter

Model: BPF915917M-N
BPF915917M-N Band Pass Filter
50 Ohm N-Female Band Pass Filter From 0.915-0.917 GHz
Environment: IP65
0.915-0.917 GHz, N-Female Band Pass Filter;
Low Insertion Loss 3 (2.0typ.)dB;
High Rejection;
Operating Temperature: 0 to +50℃

Frequency Range | GHz : 0.915-0.917
Impedance | Ω : 50
Bandwidth | MHz : 2
Insertion Loss | dB Max. : 3 (2.0typ.)
Ripple | dB Max. : /
Return Loss | dB Min. : 18
Power Handing | W Max. : 10
Rejection | dB Min. : 36@500~870MHz; 25@870~910MHz; 15@920~1700MHz;
51@1700~3500MHz; 40@3500~7000MHz
Ouput Connector : N-Female
CW Power Max. : 10W


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